My Purpose:


I wanted to share with you my purpose for starting this site as I believe the why is more important than the what.  I was in sales for several years as a young man and loved the job.  But what I realized was that it wasn’t the product I loved, what I truly loved was solving a problem for my clients. I really enjoyed working with the business’s I sold to and filling a need they had.  One day I had a meeting with my financial advisor and we got to talking about her job and what she did.  I thought it was so much different from the role I was in; but when she told me that her favorite part of the job was providing people with a solution that in some way improved their life and helped them achieve whatever it is they were looking for I knew that was what I wanted to do.  So I followed her advice, did all the courses I needed and landed myself a job at big Vancouver brokerage firm!

I’m not going to lie, I’d seen the movies Boiler Room and Wall Street and I was a bit mesmerized by the money!  I knew the income I could make and dreamed of one day being that big shot broker with the fancy car and a big apartment downtown.  But this wasn’t me, and it wasn’t why I was in the business.

Since working as a broker I have worked for 2 of Canada’s largest banks as a financial planner and investment advisor helping 100’s of clients invest money and plan for their future.  I have managed a portfolio of over 100 million dollars and have helped many family’s improve their financial position through debt management and investing.

So what is my purpose… I want to have an impact on the larger global community so I can help produce real change.  I see too many people struggling and it doesn’t have to be this way!  The landscape is changing in the financial business, more and more people are getting their information online and from friends and families and this is introducing new problems.  The biggest problem I see is that you don’t know what you don’t know and without a clear understanding of the basics, you won’t know the right questions to ask.  My hope is to be a source of clear, unbiased advice, not tied to a product or institution that can help to make MoneyLessComplicated!

Money creates more anxiety in people then just about any other single thing in life and my sincere hope is I can help in some small way reduce that anxiety for my readers.  Please join my community here and I’ll show you how as you follow along with my journey!

I hope this site serves you and I will strive to always bring value for the time you spend here!



Tyler Coburn